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Q. How do we set up a team store with A-Line Athletics for our team, program or group?

   A. Send us an e-mail at and a fundraising specialist will respond within 24 hours to assist you in creating your teams’ e-store


Q. How does our team, program or group profit from creating a team e-store?

   A. Once you have selected the apparel you would like to sell in your A-Line Athletics team e-store, your fundraising specialist will let you know what each item cost. You will then let your fundraising specialist know exactly how much you would like to profit from each item. At the time of the team e-store closure your fundraising specialist will tally the orders and let you know exactly how much money you raised. Once all orders have been produced A-Line Athletics will send you a check for your profits.

Q. Are there minimums for each item we place on our team e-store?

   A. In the case of screen printing, yes. A-Line Athletics is able to offer your team a large discount on their custom apparel because we print all your orders in bulk. In order to do this however, we have to have a certain number of orders that are getting the same print before we can send them to the printer.


Q. What happens if our team does not meet the minimums for an item in our team e-store?

   A. If, as a team, you do not meet the printing minimums, the affected orders may be cancelled, and you will be notified.  Your credit card will be refunded for any items that have been cancelled due to minimums.


Q. Now that our team e-store is set up with A-Line Athletics on how do we spread the word?

   A. A-Line Athletics will create a custom flyer for you to distribute to your email list. A-Line Athletics will also provide you with Facebook and Instagram images to help you promote your e-store through social media.


Q. How long will our team e-store stay open on

   A. It is entirely up to you. We recommend leaving your store open for 2 weeks. You can leave it up longer or shorter if you choose to do so.


Q. How soon after an order is placed will orders from our e-store on be shipping?

   A. All orders placed on your teams’ e-store will be produced and shipped once the e-store closes. See below for production times.


Q. How long is production once our team e-store is closed on

   A. Screen printed items will ship within 10-14 days of your team e-store closing. All sublimated orders will ship within 4-5 weeks of your team e-store closing. All orders will ship as they are completed.


Q. I ordered the wrong size from what do I do now?

   A. Unfortunately all apparel from our team e-stores are made to order. We do not stock or produce extra of any custom items. Please make sure you refer to the size charts provided to ensure accurate ordering.


Q. My order arrived from and items were missing, incorrect or damaged how do I fix this?

   A. Simply email and let us know what the issue is. Your team's fundraising specialist will help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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